Cambridge IGCSE 2014 Results and Testimonials

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SPM 2014 Results and Testimonials

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In fact  our kids would instruct us to book Ms. Ng’s time the moment they get a chance to be back even though it is for a short break ….


Read Puan Ruzi’s testimonial here

Puan Ruzi Ajith

Mother of Alysya and Aniq Hazis, MCKK & Kolej Tunku Kurshiah

…Add Maths was one of my most hated subject in the beginning of Form 5, but now as I’m nearing the end of October, Add Maths is one of my most loved subject…Imagine this, from a F to a B+..

Read Rashdan’s story here

Rashdan Hadri

SPM 2013, SMK Taman Sea

…Ms Ng has a way of teaching which helps a weak student to understand Physics better and yet keep the class enjoyable..


Read Natalie’s story here

Natalie Yap

SPM 2012, SMK Sri Hartamas

…She only taught me for about 2 months, but those months did me far more good than I imagined possible..

Read Brenda’s story here


Brenda Chin

SPM 2012, SMK Damansara Jaya

“…My add maths has greatly improved thanks to Ms Ng. After failing for a year and a half, I managed to pass…”

Read Alayna’s story here


Alayna Rani

SPM 2010, SMK Bandar Utama 3

“..She helps you in whatever way she can.. Guaranteed Improve Grade..makes what she teach easy to understand…”

Read Jueneke’s story here


Jueneke Wong

SPM 2009, SMK Stella Maris

“..Having achieved an A* for both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics during the recent IGCSE May/June session by CIE, I can certainly testify to her outstanding aptitude. I am exceedingly grateful to have been taught by such a remarkable educator.”

Ethan K (Cempaka International School IGCSE M/J 2012)

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Scoring 100% for SPM Add Maths is possible!

“.. you just have to be careful with your work…”

Yeap Ken Vyn SMK Damansara Jaya (SPM 2009)

Read Ken Vyn’s story here

From 40% to 60% after 3 months of class with Miss Ng

“..I made a lot of careless mistakes..Could have gotten and A-”

Seow Li May (SMK TTDI) SPM 2010

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From 32% to 76% after 4 months of class with Miss Ng in a small group of 4

“…you are my key for getting an A for my trial..”

Yuvaraj SMK Bukit Rahman Putra (SPM 2009)

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From 50% to 73% in 4 months!

“What a miracle! From a C to a beautiful A..”

Thivyaroobini SMK Bukit Rahman Putra (SPM 2009)

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