Special Videos

These are the first few videos that I made so they are slightly different from the usual ones you watch in the Tutorials. These videos you can see me in actual person writing on the whiteboard.. so they are quite big and your internet connection has to be very good to download them.

However – the videos are good because I will teach you how to solve questions found in the following School Exam Papers.

SMK Bandar Utama 4 2008 Add Math Form 5 Mid Year Exam Paper 2

SMK Bandar Utama 4 AM F5 Mid Year 2008 (click here to download the paper)

Video 1 (Question 1 and 2)

Video 2 (Question 3 and 4)

Video 3 (Question 5 and 6)

Video 4 (Question 8 and 9)

SMJK Katholik (PJ) 2008 Add Math Trial Paper 2

SMJK Katholik AM Trial 2008 P2 (Click here to download the paper)

Video 1 (Question 1-3 )

Video 2 (Question 4-6)

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