Form 5 Tutorials

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Here’s the list of video tutorials for all SPM Form 5 Add Math and Physics Video Tutorials arranged by Chapters.

More will be coming soon.

For Form 4 Video Tutorials click here.


Common Mistakes in SPM Add Math Form 5 Mid Year Paper 1


SPM Form 5 Additional Mathematics

Chapter 1 – Progressions


Chapter 3 – Integration

Basic Videos

Integration Techniques

Premium Videos

SMJK Katholik SPM Add Math Trial Paper 2008 Paper 2 – Question 9 – Integration

Question : Chap 3 – Gradient Function and Equation of Curve, Find Area under graph question

Answer : Chap 3 -  Gradient Function and Equation of Curve, Find Area Under graph video

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Chapter 4 – Vector

Premium Videos

Question : Challenging Paper 2 question for Vector

Answer : Challenging Paper 2 Question for Vector – Video tutorial


Chapter 5 – Trigonometric Functions

Basic Videos


Chapter 6 – Permutation and Combination


Chapter 8 – Probability Distribution


Chapter 10 – Linear Programming


NOTE : Some of the videos above are in my YouTube Channel. You can watch the entire Form 5 Playlist here.

21 Responses to “Form 5 Tutorials”

  1. theva says:

    hello Miss Ng.This tutorial really help me to do rivision,THANK YOU but why there is no chapter 8 for form 5 tutorial.

  2. epitome says:

    Hi Theva, there is no chapter 8 FOrm 5 for now. It takes time to do the videos and I have limited time since I’m also teaching full time.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Hi Miss Ng. How to solve this question..The scores obtained by 6000 candidates in an examination are distributed normally with a mean of 39 and a s.d of 9.
    If 50% of the candidates failed in the exam, estimate the minimum score that is needed to pass.

  4. epitome says:

    Hi sabrina, the answer is 39 marks. You need working?

  5. Sabrina says:

    I got 39 too. The answer is 29.68. I think the answer given is wrong. Here’s another question . Find a) the equation of tangent to the curve y=x-2/x at point (2,1)(done)
    b) The area of triangle enclosed by this tangent with the coordinate axes.(i need working)

  6. epitome says:

    the question is not clear about the triangle. The most common sense answer would mean find the area of triangle between the intercepts and both the axes. In this case it is v easy. Just find the y and x intercepts then form a triangle with the axes and find the area using 1/2 x h x b.

  7. Sabrina says:

    Thank you, miss Ng :)

  8. epitome says:

    You’re welcome! Good luck in your trial!

  9. foodlover hrynx says:

    hello there ms. Ng. How are you? can you help me? i have sort of problems with when to use C(combination) and P(permutation). this type of questions confused me more than the other chapter.

  10. kahlong94 says:

    hi ms ng. how do you solve this : given the first three terms of an arithmetic progression are 4,8,12,…, find the three consecutive terms whose sum is 108. thank you

  11. PhantomHades says:

    Hi teacher….
    I saw there are some form 4 physic notes here, so is there any form 5 plysic notes as well?
    its okay if there is nt.. ^.^

  12. epitome says:

    There are no physics notes currently. I’m busy with Add Math stuff.

  13. kahlong94 says:

    hi ms ng. do you have tutorials for chapt 2?

  14. epitome says:

    Chapter 2 form 5 tutorials will be up after chinese new year

  15. Hwa93 says:

    May I know where is Chapter 2 form 5 tutorials, please?

  16. Hwa93 says:

    Miss Ng , may I know what happened to all your Youtube videos? or the videos are deleted?

    It says “we’re sorry,no embeddable videos
    are cureently selected for this player”

  17. epitome says:

    It seems there was a problem with my gmail, therefore youtube wrongly terminated my account. It’s back now. Sorry for the mess up. I’m in the process of revamping my website, new videos and worksheets will be out soon.

  18. lemano liang says:

    hi..miss physic tutorial ?

  19. lemano liang says:

    hi miss the physic tutorial video?

  20. epitome says:

    No physics tutorial at this moment.

  21. Amrl.Izwn says:

    Wow , your i love the way you explain how the working is done , Thanks Miss ! appreciate it very much :)


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