SPM IGCSE Add Maths tuition with Miss Ng

Miss Ng runs a ‘two woman show’ tuition classes and Epitome Online Tuition Program. In her previous life she worked as a software consultant for a multinational software company, dabbled in selling insurance / unit trust before finally finding her true calling in teaching teenagers. This website and this website are built, designed and maintained by Miss Ng and Miss Ann, all the video tutorials and worksheets are created over long hours of work. (Yes, Miss Ng has been told that she has no life but teaching). What to do.. Miss Ng loves bantering with the kids, throw pens at them, trade sarcastic comments, basically have a fun time torturing them into getting good results. :)

Oh no! I’ve made Miss Ng to sound like a terrifying frumpy old child abuser.. but if you read the testimonials and look at the pictures, you know that all the kids love being tortured by her. Miss Ng has been told by some of the mommies that their houses have lots of bamboo trees, if she were to need a bigger ‘rotan’!!

Update 2016 – Due to limited time, Miss Ng no longer accepts private classes for SPM. All SPM students will be channeled to existing small groups or to form new groups. Miss Ng continues to accept IGCSE Add Maths & A levels Maths students for private classes around Damansara area.

PS – Check out some of the free video tutorials for SPM Add Maths and Physics here. There are more well structured video lessons and worksheets if you want to learn your SPM Add Maths & Physics online with Miss Ng.

Please take note that Miss Ng does not teach students below Form 3 or Year 9 (14 and below). For some unknown reasons, Miss Ng relates very well with teenagers, but she’s quite scared of younger kids.