Shireen was featured here in this post. She got 95% for Extended Math and 85% for Add Math. She was quite disappointed with herself over her Add Math marks. Here’s the thing about exams, sometimes it’s not just skills or abilities, it’s also luck and other external factors. We can only prepare to the best of our abilities but a little mistake here and there, a tiny slip makes a lot of difference.

I’ve always told my students, you want an A* for Add Maths, you have to be perfect or at least almost perfect. A total of 160 marks for both papers, you cannot afford to lose more than 15 marks for both papers. But, we’re only human. Even the best athlete, the best musician, the best surgeon, the best of anything – we cannot perform flawlessly all the time.

I’m really proud of Shireen.She was getting D and E for Add Math before we started class and she usually get B or A for Extended Math. This is really a great improvement for her.  Guess the prodding and pen throwing works on her too! :)

Shireen has straight As. 4 A* and 4 A