Chloe started class with me when she switched over to Garden from Cempaka Damansara. She was half way through Year 10 by then. Garden International School has a fast track program for students who take IGCSE Add Maths that works a little differently from other International Schools in Malaysia.


In GIS, students on the fast track program take their Extended Math for IGCSE O’level in Year 10 together with the Year 11 students who don’t take Add Maths. Then they will concentrate on Add Maths in Year 11. There are pros and cons to this strategy. GIS has been doing this since I taught my first student from that school back in 2006, and as far as I know, they have consistently produced good results every year. So I guess this strategy worked for them.


Anyway, I started teaching Chloe 2 years ago. I find her to be a quick student and she’s able to grasp mathematical concepts really well. I was very surprised when her mom told me that she hasn’t been doing well in Math all along. Her Year 10 mid term exam from Cempaka was 60+.

She got 95% for Extended Math (May/June 2013 paper) and 91% for Add Maths (May/June 2014 paper)