Well – Celynn is my only student who didn’t get and A for Add Math, should I be disappointed or not write about her at all? Of course not. In fact, I’m very proud of Celynn because she improves the most among all of my 5 students. She has gotten really far from the days when she got 20% for her Add Maths and 50-60% for Extended Math.

Note : This is a selfie taken the day before her Extended Math paper. Celynn looks stressed doesn’t she? :)


I always tell students and parents to look at the percentage of improvements and not literally at the grade. For example, Celynn was getting only 20-40% for her Add Math, and a 77% is about 200% improvement. As for Extended Maths, she has never gotten an A* before so she’s really happy with her results, as I am too! :)

Celynn is a good student. She does her work and she doesn’t make me crawl up the wall :). Well, sometimes I smack her a bit since she tend to be really blur when she’s tired.


Most students are like Celynn, when they are tired, they start making really stupid mistakes. I’ve seen very few students who have this ‘wierd’ ability to do math correctly despite being tired..it’s just different people with different skill sets. What’s important is to know your strength and weaknesses and work them to your benefit.

Celynn got 90% for Extended Math and 77% for Add Maths.