Sarah started class with me somewhere in early Dec 2013. That was just a few weeks before her Mock Exam! In our first class, I was shocked that she hasn’t done any past year paper at all. She attempted some of the papers,but she was always stuck and couldn’t get the answers despite checking the answer scheme.


Anyway, Sarah is a hardworking girl and her basic understanding of the IGCSE Add Maths syllabus was good. She was getting around 50-60 % at that time. Given the time that we had, getting an A* for her mock wasn’t possible, but I knew she could get a way better result for the actual IGCSE.

She got 95% for Add Math, and 10 A* in total. Given the amount of work she put in, I’ve always believed that she could score straight As. Sarah was doing approximately 1 set of past year paper a day for the 2 weeks before her Add Math paper! I had to tell her to slow down and relax! Sometimes over training can make things worse.