Welcome 2015!

I’ve finally have time to update here. Some pictures I took with my SPM students in 2014.

1) This is from Pusat Tuisyen Kurnia where I’ve been teaching SPM Physics since 2008.

PTK F5 2014


2) This is taken from SPM Physics Intensive Revision 2014

The students are from SMK Sri Hartamas and Sri KDU.

Physics Intensive 2014



3) Group of students from SMK Sri Hartamas. I’ve been teaching them Physics since the start of Form 4

Crystal's group 2014



4) 2 students from Sri Kdu (SPM Physics)

Adlina and Vic 2014


5) These 2 are from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, a boarding school. I teach them SPM Add Maths and SPM Physics. They come back every holiday and we have tuition marathon :)

Aly and Sara 2014


5) Private one to one tuition – Vinosha from SMK Assunta, Rebecca Lim from BU 1 (pic missing). I teach both of them Add Maths and Physics.

Vinosha 2014