Cambridge International Examination Board (CIE) IGCSE results for the May/June 2014 (Summer 2014 Papers) was released on 12th Aug 2014.

I remember feeling more excited than my students! I’ve written in this post here, that I have 5 students taking IGCSE for this 2014 Summer Papers. As promised, here’s the update for their results. I’ve also gotten permission from the students to write a little background information about them as case studies for other students and their parents.


In descending order – the marks (in %) for their IGCSE Additional Mathematics (exam paper code 0606) results are 95, 91, 91, 85, 77.  3 A* (A stars), 1A and 1B.

In descending order – the marks (in %) for their IGCSE Extended Mathematics (exam paper code 0580) results are 96, 95, 90 (All A*). 2 other students from Garden International School have taken their Math papers when they were in Year 10. (May/June 2013) Both A*s :))

…I particularly like her style of teaching as she does not ‘spoon feed’ you answers but instead pushes you to excel..

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Sarah Saram

Cambridge IGCSE Add Maths M/J 2014, Garden International School

  1. …Miss Ng has this ‘wierd’ ability to simplify foreign concepts and make them stick inside my head…

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Esther Kua

IGCSE Add Maths M/J 2014, Cempaka International School Cheras


A quick note here about Esther and Sarah : Esther has a totally different character from Sarah. She’s more laid back and relaxed towards her studies, whereas Sarah tend to be serious and demands a lot from herself. Well, Esther has high demand too, but she doesn’t lose sleep over it, and what’s apping her friends, instagraming, tweeting etc, well let’s just say Esther won’t sacrifice these things for her A* :). As for Sarah, well she’s the type of student that you don’t ever have to threaten to take away her phone during her exams.

What I’m trying to say is this, every student has different personalities and it’s really important that as a teacher we know how to tutor and motivate them with different techniques. I have never shouted at Sarah, because there’s no need to. In fact, I had to joke with her so that she can relax more. I taught Sarah for 6 months, I taught Esther for 4 years. Both got straight A*s, but both have very different personalities.

…you definitely will not dread lessons/ fall asleep.

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Chloe Lim

Cambridge IGCSE Add Maths M/J 2014, Garden International School

…I only got Grade E for add maths…. after 6 months of having her as my teacher, I’m now an A student..

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IGCSE Add Maths M/J 2014, Sri KDU International

..Now that I have started my A-levels, I have no difficulty in Maths as it is quite similar to what Ms Ng had taught me…..

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Celynn Lau

Cambridge IGCSE Add Maths M/J 2014, Sri KDU International