Every school holiday is packed with tuition classes. There are many SPM students who attend boarding schools in Malaysia ie Sekolah Berasrama Penuh SBP or Maktab Rendah Sains Mara MRSM, and these students are really hardworking. They come home for the school holidays and attend intensive revision / tuition. You may think their parents forced them into it, but surprisingly all of them requested for help on their own.

I truly admire their spirit and attitude. For these students, they are not able to get help during regular school days, hence they know to seek help when they come home for holidays, and they are willing to forgo their holidays to improving themselves.

I’ve been tutoring a brother and sister every school holiday since last year. Aniq who’s in Form 3 this year, from Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) and Alysya who’s in Form 5 this year, from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah.  Their mother Pn Ruzi Ajith has been so kind to write me a testimonial via email.


Here’s the unedited testimonial from Pn Ruzi :

First and foremost we would thank Ms.Ng for her relentless dedication in coaching and teaching our kids. We have two children who are currently studying in boarding school.  Our daughter Alysya is in form 5 and son  Aniq is in form 3 , both our kids only have tuition classes during school holidays.  We were very fortunate to get Ms. Ng’s to help us, as our kids  were lost and confused with Maths and Science in school . With limited hours , and after a year of drilling , we could see significant  improvement in grades for both our kids.  In fact  our kids would instruct us to book Ms. Ng’s time the moment they get a chance to be back even though it is for a short break . Alysya got  grade D for her Add Maths and C+ for  Physics in her last term exam in form 4. and recently scored A for Add Maths for her first term form 5 exams and A- for Physics. Meanwhile Aniq  also scored A for both Maths and Science , and this is his first time ever . Both Alysya and Aniq always feel confident going back to school after having session with Ms.Ng .  We believe Ms. has managed to give Alysya the confidence she needs . We hope Alysya will be able to maintain her As right through SPM  and so does Aniq. Once again, thank you for being there for the kids.


Hazis Jabar  & Ruzi Ajith .