In this article – I want to share with you a case study about my student Rashdan Hadri from SMK Taman Sea. He sat for SPM 2013.

Rashdan failed his Add Math throughout Form 4. When we started class, it was March 2013, he was already in Form 5.

As usual, my style is to look for weaknesses and build upon that. In the case of coaching for Add Math whether SPM or IGCSE or just Math in general, focusing on strengths and ignoring weaknesses won’t work. There are many reasons why students fail or don’t do well, and it is crucial that these reasons be addressed in order for them to do well.

Positive Points to note in this case

1) He has good aptitude for Math

2) He picks up really quick and he has pretty good basics in algebraic manipulations (A crucial criteria to do well in Add Math)

3) He has a pleasant and positive attitude

Negative Points

1) He was careless.

2) He had Penyakit M (guess what’s this?)

3) He is too laid back and easy going

Item 2 & 3 miraculously disappeared 2 months before SPM! Thank God for miracles!

Item 1 is my focus. If any of you have tried coaching Add Math or math, you will realize that being careful is the hardest thing to teach. There are countless reason to careless mistakes.

  • lost of focus
  • tiredness
  • habit in writing workings
  • mental workflow
  • awareness and being able to see the whole big picture
  • rushing mentality
  • stress due to exam etc

Note that in this case Rashdan generally did not have problems with understanding and application of Add Math concepts. Yes, when the questions are harder he may have trouble but for the requirements of SPM Add Math, he is perfectly capable of solving the questions.

I still remember asking him “why he made all these stupid mistakes” and he replied “I really don’t know teacher, I don’t know what I was thinking at that time.”

So your questions will be this – “How on earth do I determine the reasons for students being Careless and how to overcome them?” Well, that’s my trade secret :)

Here’s what Rashdan had to say about our tuition.

Rashdan Testimonial

Rashdan Pic 1Look at this mischievous kid, can you imagine why I need to “smack” and “throw pen”? :)