SPM 2013 results was announced today. Here are the results.

Some statistics :

    • 100% Of my students got A for Add Math
    • 1 student got B+ for physics.

Congratulations to everyone!

1) Fairuz Amira (SMK Convent Bukit Nanas Kuala Lumpur)

Mira has been with me since she was 10 years old! She’s one of my longest student. She and her sisters practically grew up with me. And yes, she has received many ‘smacks’ and ‘throwing of pen’ from me. She doesn’t write much, but I will try to get her to write something for this website.

Mira has a very good aptitude for Math, and coupled with good habits of writing out her workings properly, she’s relatively careful with her work. All in all, I expected her  to do well in both Add Math and Math.

Add Math  A+

Mathematics  A


mira's SPM result


2)  Rashdan Hadri (SMK Taman Sea PJ)

Add Math A-

Rashdan used to fail his Add Math in Form 4 before starting classes with me in Form 5. When I started teaching him, I found that he has quite a good aptitude for Math. But like many students, Rashdan had a problem with carelessness. Hence, to be effective, I had to teach him both Add Math and how to overcome his carelessness.

Contrary to what most people think – more practice doesn’t necessarily make a student better in Math, and more practice may not make them less careless either.  You may check out Rashdan’s testimonial here.

Rashdan's SPM Result


3) Geoffrey Lim (SMK Bandar Utama)

Physics A+

Geoffrey started Physics tuition with me mid of 2013. When we first started, Geoffrey has a pretty good understanding of most Physics concepts, he needed brushing up on techniques to answer SPM style questions and more in depth work in some topics such as Electronics.

By the way – Geoffrey is different from most teenager I know – he doesn’t have a mobile phone! So I had to ask his sister for his results.


Geoffrey's Result


4) Miriam Ng (SMK Bandar Sri Damansara)

Miriam started Add Math with me beginning Form 5. Then we started physics later in July.

Add Math A

Physics B+

She isn’t happy with her Physics, but I told her that it’s pretty good for her since she used to be really weak in Physics. Miriam is like some girls who just find it hard to bond with Physics. Getting B+ is good for her.

Miriam's SPM Result

5) Brandon Gan (SMK Bandar Sri Damansara)

Add Math A-

Brandon took his Add Math tuition with Miriam. Brandon and Rashdan has the same problem – Carelessness! Coincidentally they both got the same results.