For the past 3 years I’ve been taking on more and more students from International School taking Cambridge IGCSE Additional Mathematics. The syllabus is roughly 50% different from our SPM Add Maths, and the questions / syllabus are taken from Cambridge AS Level Pure Math Paper 1 & Paper 2. Essentially students who do well in IGCSE Add Maths will find it very much easier doing A-Levels or Pre-U if they were to take Maths then.

For this coming Summer Paper, M/J 2014 I will have 5 students sitting for their IGCSE Add Math paper.

1) Chloe Lim, Garden International School

2) Sarah Saram, Garden International School

3) Shireen Ong, Sri KDU International School

4) Celynn Lau, Sri KDU International School

5) Esther Kua, Cempaka International Cheras


The following is a testimonial from Shireen Ong.

She started class with me in August 2013. She was failing her IGCSE Add Math all along. I had to give her classes twice a week as her Mock exam will be in Nov 2013! Shireen picks up very quickly, but I still had to push her hard as she’s also simultaneously taking her ballet exam. Time and energy management is very crucial especially for students who have lots of extra curricular activities.

Check out what Shireen has to say about our tuition. (By the way, I don’t literally whip! So don’t run away yet, and if you read between the lines, you can tell that she loves the torture. Haha)

Also – she mentioned we had classes for 6 months (technically incorrect), well it’s 6 months when she wrote this in Jan 2014. But we only had classes for 4 months, Aug – Nov 2013 before her Mock Exams.

Shireen's Testimonial


Check out her Mock Exam Results!  Paper 1

Shireen Mock P1

Note how her teacher wrote Careless errors! It means that she could have gotten a much better result for her Paper 1 than this!

Paper 2

Shireen Mock P2