So, how did my students fare for their 2012 SPM? Yes, it’s been a month since SPM Result was released..I’ve been too busy to update though many of them informed me of their results. Oh, do notice that they only inform me of the subjects I taught them. Most of them don’t tell me their overall results.


1) Aimran Akhtar from SM Sri Bestari, Bandar Sri Damansara. He has been with me since early Form 4.

Aimran wa (2)


2) This is Deanna from SMK Sri Hartamas. She’s fluent in English and should have no problem writing me a testimonial but as usual, procrastinates until now. So this sms from her mom will have to do.

Deanna spm

3) Enessa is from SMK Damansara Utama. She found me somewhere mid-year of 2012 to help her with Physics, which was her weakest Science subject at that moment.  


4) Zarina is Arif’s Mom. Arif is from SMK Bandar Utama 4. He had trouble with Add Math and we started lessons somewhere after his mid year exam 2012. His mid year paper was quite bad, and his mom was very worried for him. His main problem was timing – he needed to be trained to complete his work well within time.


5) Natalie Yap from SMK Sri Hartamas. Well you may have read what Natalie wrote about me in her testimonial in the previous post. So she needs no introduction here.

Natalie Yap SPM Results

6) Nik Shazana from SMK Sri Hartamas. Nana had Add Math group tuition with Tasha and Amira Dayana, both of whom did well too.  

Nik Shazana

7) Tasha Alia – SMK Damansara Utama. Tasha, Nana and Amira had group tuition with me since Jan 2012. Coincidentally, Tasha happens to be good friends with Enessa which I didn’t know until I started teaching her.  

Tasha Alia

8) Amira Dayana – SMK P Sri Aman. Amira was from SMK Sri Hartamas before she was transferred to Sri Aman. A hardworking girl who was quiet initially and then learnt to make sarcastic jokes on me later, i.e. When I changed my phone to a Samsung Galaxy she said “Oh Teacher, whatever happened to – ‘I’m a Die Hard Apple Fan?’ ” with this cheeky crooked smile.  

amira dayana

8) Hidayah – also from SMK Damansara Utama. A hardworking and quiet student.