Long overdue update for testimonials from my students.

1) Natalie Francine Yap – SMK Sri Hartamas. SPM 2012

Natalie and Deanna


In the picture you see Natalie Yap and Deanna from SMK Sri Hartamas. Both of them sat for SPM 2012 and took Physics tuition with me. Natalie came to me somewhere in the middle of 2012 with lots of question marks about Physics. She has already made up her mind that Physics is her least favorite subject. Imagine what a difficult task I have with a hyperactive student who doesn’t like Physics yet desperately wants to score an A!!

Deanna… well I will write stories about her when she gives me her testimonial. Haha.

Here’s what Natalie says about me.. in her own words and handwriting, unedited. They always make me sound so scary in the beginning… so make sure you read the whole thing completely. And.. my hair doesn’t look like what she drew! She has terrible drawing skills.


natalie testimonial1


natalie testimonial 2

2) Brenda Chin. SMK Damansara Jaya. SPM 2012 

It was a pleasure tutoring Brenda. She’s receptive, hardworking and comes to class well prepared. In fact she’s probably the model student for any teacher. I treated her very well in comparison to Natalie and Deanna. :) haha. Though sometimes when she made careless mistakes I still gave her my ‘scary face’ look.  Though she claims that my first sentence was about “smacking her”… I honestly do not remember ever saying that. Hmm… perhaps I have selective memory loss :). I just realized that I have forgotten to take a picture with Brenda. So here’s her testimonial in her own handwriting. Sorry it’s a bit blur because she what’s app it to me instead of email.

brenda testimonial



3) Ethan K. Cempaka International School Cheras. (IGCSE May/June 2012)

Ethan has left to further his IB studies in the UK when he emailed me his testimonial. I was quite impressed when I read it.  As usual, being Ethan he loves writing eloquently. I bet he fits right in with the Mat Sallehs in UK :).  I do not know of any 15-year-olds who writes like him.

Well – what can I say about Ethan except that he has exceptional drive and motivation to succeed. IGCSE Add Math is quite different from SPM Add Math. To get an A* which Ethan did.. he has to score at least 143/160 for 2 papers = 90%. Ethan scored 97%. The grade thresholds for IGCSE changes every year depending on how difficult are the papers. Generally the lower the threshold, the harder the papers.

Here’s his testimonial in his own words, unedited.

(Note : – he will nag and grumble at me all the way from the UK if he knew I edited his writing!)

“I have always believed that excellent teachers are imperative for students to thrive, in addition to hard work on the students’ part, undoubtedly. An excellent teacher, consequently, must be strict yet patient, quick-witted yet unassuming and articulate yet understanding. She must be able to describe perplexing concepts in a simple manner, and aid her students by helping them make their strengths even stronger, and teaching them to counteract their weaknesses in the best possible ways. In view of the aforementioned, I am glad to say that Ms Ng falls into this elusive group of individuals, whose teaching capabilities are indeed far-reaching. Ms Ng showed me how everything in mathematics falls into place like pieces of a puzzle, and that success may truly be attained through diligence and exemplary guidance. Having achieved an A* for both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics during the recent IGCSE May/June session by CIE, I can certainly testify to her outstanding aptitude. I am exceedingly grateful to have been taught by such a remarkable educator.”

That’s all for now – I’m still waiting for some overdue testimonials from other students. Some of them just don’t like writing. Maybe I should make video testimonials instead.


PS –  I’ve uploaded the IGCSE O Level Additional Math 2012 May/June papers Variant 2 which Ethan sat for. Perhaps some of you can attempt them. It is fairly different from SPM Add Math. It is more similar to AS Level Math.

IGCSE Additional Math S2012 P1/2

IGCSE Additional Math S2012 P2/2