Update for the year 2012. Yes, I know I’ve been MIA from this website for ages.. But I’m still alive! :) So here goes some updates as to what’s been happening to me. (note : these updates are random and unrelated, thus this article is in point form)

1) You may have noticed that I’ve stopped making new video tutorials. I have stopped doing so ever since the government decided to revert back to teaching in BM. For those of you who don’t realize it, it takes me a lot of time and effort the make just 1 video, including upload and writing the posts. If everything is switched back to BM, then some of the videos will be obsolete :( sob sob.

2)I noticed that there seem to be an increase in the number of International School students under my tutoring since last year. I have 2 new students, both in Year 10 = to Form 4, both were transferred to International School after Form 3 last year. It is interesting to note that at the same time, there seem to be an increasing number of newly established private schools who teaches International Syallbus (IGCSE) as well.

When asked why, the parents of both students cited that the newly established private schools offer affordable fees and obviously a British high school syllabus is in the opinion of many parents, way better than SPM.

I do not have the exact figures, but the fees are most definitely just a fraction of what long-time established International School such as Garden, Cempaka or ELC charge. And most importantly, any Malaysian student are allowed to enroll – you do not need to have foreign passports or have lived overseas for more than X years to qualify.

I believe with more and more private education institution providing affordable fees for taking the IGCSE syllabus, we will see a steady stream of migration of our local secondary school students over to these schools.

3) This year, my students are distributed about 50/50 between those taking SPM and IGCSE, but I believe it will slowly tip towards IGCSE, as the earning power of Malaysian parents increases coupled with affordable fees make it easier for local students to access British education.

4)I will be writing a post soon on my thoughts and experiences of tutoring children from local schools and those from international schools.

5) I’m planning to start making videos on IGCSE Math and Add Math soon. At least for these two subjects, I can be assured that it won’t be changed to another language anytime soon! Furthermore, it is the same syllabus taught by International Schools worldwide that offer British syllabus. I can therefore ensure that my videos will have a lasting effect and reach more students.

PS – you may want to check out this article I read in The Star online about local graduates lack thinking skills therefore have great difficulties getting a job. (another reason why IGCSE seem so appealing to parents)