Yesterday, I gave my Form 5 Add Math Class a school Mid Year paper for practice.

As predicted, after 5 months of learning Form 5 Add Math, most of their Form 4 stuff are forgotten :(

See the girl in the middle of the picture? Hard at work right?

She just asked..”What’s common ratio ah? Is it a/r?”

I said, “It’s T2/T1, or T3/T2 la. Common ratio also forgotten, and it’s a Form 5 topic!”

She said, “Oohhh… then what’s a/r?”

Everyone laughed. “Nothing is a/r duh.”


Here’s Tip 1 to do well in Add Math – you have to constantly practice every topic! Not just the ones you’re learning now.

Tip 2 : Try to practice 1 Paper a week. If you’re in Form 5, you can start doing trial papers now. There are only a few questions from Chap 6-8, which you have not learned, so skip them.

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