As a teacher, my satisfaction comes from helping students who did badly in Add Math aka failing or barely passed to achieving a C or B. Click here for some examples and testimonials.

Then what about those smarty-pants out there who always gets an A or A- for Add Math anyway? What can my tuition do for them? How can I as a tutor help them? Many parents have told me – if my son’s getting A, I won’t waste money to send him for tuition anymore.

Well – check out Ken Vyn from SMK DJ

Without tuition – he could have gotten and A- or A for his Add Math. So what benefit can I give him then? What’s the purpose of his tuition with me then?

To achieve perfection!

In Ken Vyn’s own words…”you just have to be careful to score 100%“.

Of course this only works if you’ve already mastered all the Add Math syllabus. If you still mix up between equation of normal to curve and equation of tangent to a curve – then you haven’t mastered dy/dx at all.

So – if you’re already good – I can help you to achieve perfection. 100% marks for Add Math will put you at the top 0.5 percentile of your whole school. Now that’s a great fulfillment for me.

If you’re not like Ken Vyn, you may be like Li May or Alayna or Jueneke or Yuva and Thivya. (Click on their names to read more)

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