Ok.. this sounds depressing and bleak huh?

Well – actually many students are like this. They failed Add Math all their lives (meaning from Form 4 till Form 5), right until Mid Year Exam in Form 5.

Can you pass it? Not just pass with 40+ marks, but passing with a  C or B? Is it possible?

Sure! If you work for it and get the right guidance from a suitable tutor.

Alayna Rani from SMK BU 3.

Art stream student, taking Add Math. Failed from 20+ in Form 4 to 30+ in Form 5 Mid Year Exam and now 51% for Trial.  Basically, Alayna knew about 20% of her Form 4 Syllabus, and we had to work our asses off to help her re-learn everything within 7 months, plus learning her Form 5 Add Math at the same time.

Alayna had tuition with me since March 2010.  She improved in her Mid Year but we simply didn’t have enough time to re-learn all her Form 4 syllabus for her Mid Year in 2 months. I told her to continue and work smart for her trial. Her efforts paid off.

Check out what Alayna has to say.

Want another example? Check out Li May, Jueneke, Yuva and Thivya, Ken Vyn.

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