Here’s Li May from SMK TTDI. She’s one naughty and talkative student. Not to mention lazy, but she she did put in some effort for her Add Math.  Can you see how naughty she is? She’s a prefect you know. Unbelievable right?

Li May barely passed her Add Math for Mid Year – she started tuition with me in July 2010.

In 3.5 months she has improved from 40+ for Mid Year to 64% for Trial.

In her own words “I made da** a lot of careless mistakes la. I could have gotten an A, but I’m still happy with myself.

Of course, 40% to 64% is nothing to you smarty-pants out there right. If you’ve always been good in Math, then this may not sound like achievement to you at all, but I know for a fact that more than 50% of students who take Add Math in most schools fail their Add Math consistently.

So – my greatest achievement comes from helping people like Li May and Alayna and Jueneke from Fail to C or B , and students like Ken Vyn to achieve perfect marks!

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