Our life is so full if distractions. It is extremely difficult to study effectively when you have SMS coming in every 15 minutes, facebook updates, your mom calling, your brother making noise, your own mind wondering away when you are trying to understand what on earth is ambiguous case in a triangle.

As an adult, and a teacher, I myself are subjected to these distractions as well. When I wanted to make video tutorials or write a post here, I have to focus and remove distractions as well.

Here’s a technique I use and find it to be very powerful and effective.

1) Before you start studying, plan your time first.

2) Let’s say you plan to study for the next four hours, block of your time into small chunks. 30 minutes is good. Then leave 10 minutes in-between for break.
– so you should have 30 min study – 10 min break – 30 min study – 10 min break. Then take a longer break after 1 hr study to reward yourself.

This is just an example. You can do 45 min study, 15 min break etc. Do whatever works for you. If you find yourself nodding off (almost falling asleep) then it’s time to take that break.


3) During that 30 min study time, be absolutely ruthless with yourself! No phones, no SMS.  Tell whoever who keeps calling or smsing you to get lost and come back after 30 min. Your future is at stake here! Better still (TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!)


 4)During the entire study period including the short breaks, DO NOT go online. I promise you won’t die if you don’t check your facebook updates for few hours 😉 I also promise your friends won’t die if they don’t hear from you for a few hours :)

5) What if it’s your family disturbing? Not friends? Can’t tell mom or dad to get lost right? Yup, can’t do that. Well, most parents won’t disturb their children if they are studying.

If you can’t get peace studying at home, then go to the library or stay back in school. Or better still, wake up early 5am, or stay up late and study when everyone else is sleeping. You may have to take afternoon naps if you do this, otherwise lack of sleep will make you all blur.


6) Set a realistic goal for each study time block. Example :- next 30 min I will do 10 add math question from SPM 2006 paper 1. Set small goals to make them easily achievable.


Try these methods – leave me a comment and tell me what works for you. Or leave a comment if you use other methods to study effectively. Happy Learning!

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