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HELP! I have so much to study but so little time! How???

1) Relax, Breathe You can’t accomplish anything if you’re anxious and stressed up.

2) Use a very effective technique I call BLOCKING TIME. Click here to learn more about this technique.

3) Do your most difficult subject first thing in the morning or at whatever time you feel freshest.
– if you dislike physics, then study that first. If you leave it till later, very likely you will procrastinate and put it off totally.

4) Set a target of what you want to complete revision everyday. VERY IMPORTANT :- Don’t be a hero and set unrealistic goal.
” I wanna study Physics chap 2 Form 4 today! And 2 Chapters of Bio and maybe Sejarah also”  (Unless you have excellent reading and comprehension skills, you won’t achieve this goal)

5) Make your daily goal small and realistic. Example – if you have only 4 hours to study today, then you can do 1 chapter of Physics ( the shorter chapters) and another chapter of chemistry. Use Time Blocking Technique to study effectively.

Stick to this few methods, do them consistently and you will get lots of studying done effectively.

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