I’m now doing SPM Model Papers with students and it seems that many students find difficulties with these questions… Solving Problems involving Equations of Tangent or Normal to the curve.

These are 2 paper 1 questions taken from my Epitome Online Tuition Program. As you can see, the are from Question 26 and 27. There are 71 questions in the Online Tuition Program worksheet. If you’re weak in Differentiation, I suggest that you enroll in the Online Tuition Program to improve yourself.

Here are the questions. Try them first before looking at the video tutorial ya. Click on the pic to zoom.

Here are the workings for Question 26-27.

If you’re still unclear, below is the video tutorial to explain the workings step-by-step. The video is in my YouTube channel. You can embed the video in your blog or facebook to share this with your friends.

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