One of the benefits of conducting online tuition is to have a wider scope of students.  I now have students from Kedah, Cameron Highland, Penang, Kuantan, Bintulu, etc.

The internet has really revoultionized the way we study and learn. I believe that students need to be taught to use the internet to improve themselves and learn instead of doing mindless social stuff on facebook, playing online games, watching silly videos on youtube, and god-forbid watching porn.

Students need to be taught skills to navigate the internet to find out things, to learn about life, to become a better person. There are a lot of great stuff on the internet… you can practically learn anything online now – the question is “Are Malaysian students equipped and trained to seek out knowledge and wisdom on the internet?”  Or “Are Malaysian students are just using the internet for socializing, mindless gaming, etc?”

Anyway – I went to Cameron Highlands last week for a holiday. One of my online student is from Cameron, and he was very naughty in class. Hmm… how do you be naughty in an online class huh?  Well – he is.. and if you look at his face, he looks like a serious boy right? Haha.. actually I’m putting his pic here because other students in the class are very excited to put a face to the cheeky boy in their class.

So – here’s Wen-Liang from Cameron Highlands… oh by the way – he bought me 2 big packets of huge strawberries… not bad for a naughty boy eh?… (pssst.. actually I think his mother bought it for me, not him). His mom also gave him money to buy us lunch at the golf course. Thank you Mrs Poh :)

Haha.. to be truthful, Wen-Liang likes to play around in class. He’s not naughty… he just likes to talk nonsense and makes fun of the girls :)  Students like him makes the class more interesting right? So I’m very happy to have Wen-Liang in my classes. Also very happy to have the others.. they are really a good bunch of students.  (Wafa, hope you’re happy to hear Miss Ng praising you publicly :)) hahaha.

So, I’m very proud to have my first group of online students – Wafa from Kedah, Lee Yin from Selangor, Brenda and Brandon from Kuantan, Thomas from Sarawak, Wen-Liang from Cameron, and Renee from Penang. Go for your A+ in exam and in life.


I have learnt many things from the internet, and I firmly believe that the internet will change the way we study, we learn, and the way we live. Not by living in the virtual world playing make-believes games of dress-up games, but by living a richer and more fulfilled life.

PS :- If you’re interested in taking the live online tuition class, check out You can probably register for next year’s classes as this year I have almost finished the syllabus. (cramschool website doesn’t belong to me, I’m just a teacher there teaching Physics and Add Math – so please direct all inquiries there.)

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