“Miss Ng, I failed my Mid Year Add Math Paper! Can I still score A for SPM? Do I have time to prepare for trial exam?

UPDATE : – The answer is YES, you can still score A for SPM Add Math. You can even score A for your trial.

(Check out some of my ex-students who has achieved this. Click here and here to read their stories and testimonials.)

Every year, somewhere around this month, I received questions like this from students and parents.

Many schools and tuition centres would have completed or are almost completing the Add Math Syllabus for SPM Students. Some of my students have started practicing Past Year Questions and Model SPM Papers.

All the focus now is on Quick Revision and Practicing Add Math Model Papers. This is a good thing for students who are better in Add Math. Students who have scored between 50-69 in their recent Mid Year Exam should be focusing their efforts and time to practice Model Papers now in order to achieve A.

But what about students who did badly in their Mid Year Exam? Students who scored between 20-39? How can they even start to do Model Papers when they don’t understand the basic concepts of most Add Math Chapters?

It must be frustrating if you’re that student right?  I recently started an Intensive Coaching class for a group of four Form 5 students who told me : “Teacher I know nothing about Trigo. I can barely Integrate properly.. I can probably do some Progression question halfway, and I totally cannot do Differentiation.”

These students are totally unprepared to practice SPM Add Math Model Papers now. They need special coaching in this 2-3 months in order to bring their level in Add Math up to standard. If you’re reading this and you fall into the same category – then read on. If you’re a parent and your child falls into this category, then read on.

Here are some guidelines and strategies that I use to coach these students.

FIRST – If you can afford and are able to find a private tutor near your area, then get one. A private tutor who’s good can help you to zoom into your weaknesses and tackle them one by one.

 If you can’t do the above, then you need to take some actions on your own. If you’re a parent and you want to help your child, then this applies as well.

1) PICK TOPICS TO LEARN. Since you are weak in most Chapters, and you may not have enough time to re-learn everything, then you must pick topics and focus all your energy to learn the important chapters!

2) TOPICS – Suggestions on topics that you should Master – Form 4 – Chapter 6,8,9 ,10 and 11. Form 5 – Chapter 1,2,3,4,5, and 8. If you can learn to master at least 60-80% of all these chapters, you can get a Credit or even a B in Add Math.

3) HOW TO LEARN :- Pick a good book with lots of examples and at least 30-60 questions of exercises for each Chapter – go through each Chapter. First study the Notes and understand the concepts, Then go through the examples and the workings there. Then attempt the questions related to the examples that you studied. If you encounter problems, read my article on “Tips and Techniques” to help you.

4) TIME-TABLE:- My suggestion is to complete one chapter in averagely 10 days. (Some chapters are longer, some are shorter, you may need to adjust the timing yourself) There are 11 Chapters (as per No 2 above) = 11 x 10 days = 110 days / 30 = 3.67 months. If you start now in July, you should complete this end Sept or early Oct.

5) STAY FOCUSED  in your strategy. Don’t give up. Ask your school teacher if you encounter problem, ask your tuition teacher.. and you can ask me by leaving comments here or Facebook me. Try all sorts of ways. Persevere. You can always do whatever that you put your heart into!

6)READ MY ARTICLE “Tips and Techniques to practice Add Math. Remember to use them as you learn all the Chapters above.

NOTE : – You can try out my Online Tutorials where I’ve made hundreds of Video Tutorials for every Chapter in SPM Add Math.

You can use my Worksheets and go through them with the Video Tutorials that I’ve made to answer every questions on the Worksheet. 

These are the same Worksheets that I use to coach my Add Math Intensive SPM Classes. Click here to check them out.


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