Yesterday this happened in my Form 4 Add Math class.

Towards the end of the class (2 hours)

Student 1 : Ei, how many questions did you do today?

Student 2 : Err.. let’s see…. 6.

Student 1 : I also did 6 questions today.

Student 2 : My questions are more complicated.

Student 1 : Mine also SPM Questions what..

Student 2 : Oh yeah? Look at this question man. Bet with you 100 bucks, you sit for 1 year also can’t figure it out!

Student 1 : Ceh!…

Now – that was very funny. I was laughing away at their conversation.. Student 2 is a hardworking and smart boy. Student 1 is generally lazier and puts in much lesser effort than Student 2.. so it’s his way of saying.. “Hey man.. Tho I’m lazy, I can do as many Add Math questions as you in 2 hours.”

But the truth is – Student 2 was doing a much harder paper.

So – I’m curious as to how many students especially the members of this website, can answer the question that he bet ” the other student sit for 1 year also can’t figure out” :)

Here’s the question:

The first student who puts in the correct answer in the comment form below will get a very very special prize!

He/she will be given free membership to my Online Tuition website for 1 month! Unlimited access to all the video tutorials and Worksheet. PS : – this question is taken from the Worksheet there.

However – you must be a Form 4 or Form 5 student. I require full details (full name & IC, school name, Hse address and contact details from the winner).

Once someone post up the correct answer, I will put up the video tutorial for everyone.

Enjoy! :)

UPDATE : The Video Tutorial is here.

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