Trigonometric Functions – Chapter 5 of Form 5 Additional Mathematics is probably one of the scariest topic for many students.

Sketching of Cos, Sine and Tangent graphs which will be asked in Paper 2 is quite easy to learn.. and I have made 3 video tutorials teaching you how to sketch these graphs here.

But what about all the other lengthy complicated Formulaes in this chapter? How do you even begin to understand which one to use in which questions?

So I’ve decided to make a series of video tutorials to explain every single formulae that is taught in this chapter, starting from the simple ones, to the more complicated double angle formulaes.

Click here for Video 2 : Form 5 Chap 5 Formulae List

Click here for Video 3 : Form 5 Chap 5 Formulae List

Here’s Video 1

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