The school holidays are finally over! I have been unbelievably busy with so many extra revision classes.

I’m very happy to have a group of students who spent 12 hours of their school holidays doing marathon Add Math Revision with me. Some of them had never practiced Add Math for more than 2 hours and this revision is indeed a training opportunity for them.

I am very encouraged and impressed by the determination of a student and her mom who took leave to come all the way from Sg Besi to attend this Add Math Intensive Revision. If only more students will have such determination, it will bring much satisfaction and joy to teachers like me.

I saw a student commented on her facebook today, “d*** tired today. Add Math 930am till 1pm.”

Nevertheless I would like to sincerely applaud everyone in this Intensive Revision group  a hearty “Well Done!” and “I’m proud of your endurance!”

Here are some photos taken, (some of them refused to pose for photo because they looked awful after 3 hours of add math torture :)) Haha.