“Math is all about practice – My son/daughter is lazy, they just need more practice. Just give them more homework, I’m sure they will improve!”

That’s what parents always tell me.

I tend to disagree.  Yesterday I asked my student who consistently scored 95% and above for Add Math, how much extra work did he do for Add Math and Math.   Surprise! surprise! Virtually none for Mod Math, and only about 20-30 Questions (Paper 1) for Add Math every week in my tuition class for 1.5 hours.

Here’s what I think : “Math is not just about practice – It’s more about HOW you Practice.”

There are generally 3 types of Add Math or Math students:

1) The As and Bs students = These are the ones who need the practices the least – but they are the ones who will do extra work.

2) The Cs students – They need the extra homework, they will try to do them, but most of the time they struggle through the extra work (10 Questions for Add Math, 5 is done correctly, the rest half done or wrongly done)

3) The Ds and Es students – They NEED the extra homework the MOST. Unfortunately Math homework is a CHORE to most of them. It’s a stress and they have to slog through just 1 question. As a result, most of them just do half-heartedly and said “I tried, it’s just too difficult” Most homework turned out to be less than 50% correct, and I believe even much less than 50% of learning and understanding went into their mind.

So what’s the solution then?

The answer is probably in this “Math is not just about practice – It’s more about HOW you Practice.”

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