Congratulations to all!

(Please note that the results only show subjects that I teach, if I didn’t teach the student Physics, the results are not shown)

1) Cherish Marissa Philips (SMK Bandar Kinrara 4)

Physics A-, Add Math A+

Cherish was not expecting to get A for Physics, she always thought it’s her weaker subject.

2) Thivyaroobini (SMK Bukit Rahman Putra)

Add Math A

Of all the subjects for her SPM, Thiv was most worried about her Add Math, she had confidence for straight As, but not Add Math, so congratulations Thiv!

3) Caron Lai (SM Stella Maris, KL)

Physics B+

4) Jueneke Wong (SM Stella Maris, KL)

Add Math A-, Physics B+

Caron and Jueneke both came to me with very weak foundation in Physics, they both just managed to pass their Form 4 Physics, and came to me after their Form 5 Mid Year exam. I taught them Intensive Physics Course.

5) Danaraj (SMK Bukit Rahman Putra)

Add Math A+

6) Monisha (SMK Bukit Rahman Putra)

Add Math B

Monisha failed her Add Math all through Form 5, but she managed to score a B. Congratulations!

7) Yuvaraj (SMK Bukit Rahman Putra)

Add Math B+

8) Ahilan (SMK Bandar Sri Damansara)

Add Math B+

Ahilan used to make tons of careless mistakes in his Add Math and failed his paper. He was sick when he sat for Add Math, isolated in another room, so this is really a great achievement for him. Congratulations!

9) Marx Yong (SM Stella Maris)

Add Math C+, Physics C+

Marx used to get single digit mark for his Form 4 and Form 5 Add Math exam. So even though a C+ may not sound nice to many of us, but it is a very great improvement for someone who came to me just 2 months before SPM for Intensive Coaching.