Jueneke found me through googling the internet!   She scored 30 for her Add Maths Mid Year Exam.

I taught her from End of Aug till Mid Oct (her SPM trial was somewhere in Oct)

She scored 63 for her Trial.

What’s the secret in such drastic improvements?

Well – let Jueneke tell you in her own words :)

Ok – that was a very creative way of describing lessons with me.

(btw – Jueneke’s very creative and she always scored 90+ for her English, also she wrote this in 5 minutes!)

Yes – I’m very strict, and I also don’t take kindly upon careless mistakes or laziness to think.

So – students who failed Add Math and they come to me, I only ask for a few conditions

1) Be willing to learn

2) Willing to put in effort (you’re required to do every single question I ask you to and also complete all corrections of questions that I’ve discussed)

(you’re also required to draw all the diagrams with proper explanation in Physics lessons, which I draw on the board and explain. Don’t expect me to spoon feed you with notes)

3) Have some determination (if you can’t get the answer and I see its due to careless mistakes in your workings – I will ask you to do the question again until you get it.)

4) You always get my personal attention in class and I will check your workings. So don’t mind me being sarcastic if you don’t finish your homework.

Oh .. here’s a pic of me and Jueneke, see how she smiles? She enjoyed being tortured by me :) hahaha

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It is no secret that Trial papers are usually harder than SPM…. and I’m confident these students will definitely score A for their SPM.

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