SPM Add Maths 2009 is this coming Wed.

If you’re worrying and doubting or panicking, here’s something to encourage you. Things may not be as bad as you think.

Let me share with you a case study of two of my students.

1) Yuvaraj from SMK Bukit Rahman Putra.

Yuva scored 32 for his Mid Year Exam this year.

I taught him for about 4 months, once a week lesson in a group of 4 students.

He scored 76 for his Trial in Sept, with a lot of careless mistakes! He could have gotten 80+ and he knew it. Nevertheless, it was still a tremendous improvement.

2) Thivyaroobini from SMK Bukit Rahman Putra

Thivya is Yuva’s classmate and she scored 50 for her Mid Year. She scored 73 for her Trial in Sept. She told me how panicked she was during the paper and made tons of mistakes on questions that she knew how to do. Yet, it was still a great improvement.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here?

1) You can achieve significant improvement or even what Thivya says as miraculous improvement.

2) Find a good tutor – there are many out there, just find one who’s teaching style is suitable for you and stick with the tutor for 3 months. You will know if you’re improving.

3) Pay attention to the careless mistakes that you often make.

For example – students tend to count 3^2 as 3×2. Yes it’s silly but it’s common.

4) Build up your ability to focus, learn to block out distractions and zoom into your work. Ignore your phones, your chatbox, your online buddies, the TV, etc.

5) Once a week – Learn to stay in your chair and do math for 2 hours continuously. DO NOT go to toilet unless absolutely necessary. DO NOT go to the fridge, DO NOT talk with your siblings or parents. Just block out all distractions and focus for 2 hours.

To Your Success and Good Luck!

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It is no secret that Trial papers are usually harder than SPM…. and I’m confident these students will definitely score A for their SPM.

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