Many students tell me that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get 100% for Add Maths. They can’t even get it for Mod Maths, let alone Add Maths.

Well – I’ve always believed that it is not only possible but highly achievable!

And – for your information getting full marks doesn’t mean you’re a nerd!


100% for Add Maths!

100% for Add Maths!


The Secrets to this?

1) Firstly believe that it is possible! For yourself.

2) You have to want it. If you’re not interested in getting perfect score – you will not get it. Because you  will not work for it.

3) Take action to work for it.

What actions?

1) My recommendation is buy one Add Math Reference book and complete every single exercise in there.

(you don’t need many Add Math books to get perfect score – this boy used only 1 in my tuition class)

2) You should aim for 80% correct answers in every single exercise.

For example – you completed a 20Q exercise and you got 12 answers correct on your own (help from tuition teacher doesn’t count!) That means you only achieved 60% correct.

3) Re-do every single exercise till you get at least 80% correct.

That’s it. Your secret recipe to 100% Add Math score.

Here’s to your success.