Great News!

I am now offering online tuition through


This means you can learn Physics and Add Maths from me no matter where you live. The only requirement is that you must have internet connection, preferably a broadband connection.


I’m extremely excited about this online classes, because there’s a very cool feature which I think will help students to achieve even better results.


In, all lessons are conducted over a digital classrooms with digital whiteboard, webcam and mic. These lessons are recorded in cramschool website, which students can replay anytime they want to.


Imagine if you can replay the entire lesson you had with your teacher anytime you want to in the future! You don’t even have to take notes. You can just replay and study again as revision. You can replay as many times as you want until you fully understand the lessons, and you can ask the teachers any questions in the next class.


Students will not have to struggle with topical revision when it’s near to exam. You can just replay the lessons for that topic.


Want some more benefits?
– You don’t need your parents to send you to tuition classes. I don’t know about other states, but here in PJ, traffic is absolutely crazy especially after work hours.
– You can learn in the comfort of your own homes, with your favourite drink and snacks in hand :)
– Your parents can join you and listen to the class. They will be able to tell the quality of the tutoring offered.
– You can have your lessons even though you’re not in town, and you can download your homework anytime from the internet.

Oh – the online classroom uses the latest technology, we have webcam where you can see my face, plus a nice big digital whiteboard for me to write on. If you have a mic and earphone, you can ask me quesitons and I can answer you by explaining on the board, everyone in the classroom will be able to see my explaination. Cool eh.

So – head on over to now.

Oh – did I mention you get a free one month trial?