Case Study 1 – Jervis Koo from SMK BU4

Jervis was failing Add Maths throughout his Form 4. When he started classes with me, he was already in Form 5.

He didn’t know nuts about Form 4 Add Maths, and he didn’t understand his school lessons at all. In fact, he told me that it’s common for most students in his class not listen to the teacher in school as they couldn’t understand him.

Add Maths is the only subject I’m failing! It pulled down my average

I told my dad I wanted to drop it but he says it’s good for me to take it.

Jervis’ problem is a common one among students, especially Art Stream students.

Before taking Ms Ng’s tuition, I used to score very poorly for my Mathematics and Add Mathematics. After taking her classes for approximately 8 months, I managed to score and A1 for Mathematics and B3 for Additional Mathematics for my SPM Examination. Thank you Ms Ng!

Jervis Koo (SMK Bandar Utama 4)

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View Jervis’ Exam Results here.

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Case Study 2 – Christine Yap from SMJK Katholik

Christine failed her Add Maths and barely passed Physics throughout Form 4. She was a good student who could understand her school lessons, she kept getting low marks because she made
– constant careless mistakes
misunderstand the question and answer something totally irrelevant (especially for Physics!)
mixed up Physics Principles and get her Section B & C wrong.
– always press the calculator wrongly (don’t laugh here, you’ll be surprised how many students can get wrong answer with the calculator!)
If you plan to come and see how boring Ms Ng’s class can be, you might most probably find yourself disappointed in the end! Personally I would use 3 words to describe her lessons – Fun and Professional.

Christine Yap, (SMJK Katolik / Catholic High School)

Read the actual handwritten transcript here.

View Christine’s Exam Results here.

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Case Study 3 – Cherish Marissa Phillips from SMK Bandar Kinrara 4

Cherish here is a perfect example of a hardworking and smart girl. She scored straight As for PMR but she still lack confidence to score A for her Add Math and Physics.

Ms Ng has been helping me with Add Math and Physics since last year. She managed to un-complicate the complicated and has been a BIG help. She’s very focused and determined to help her students score well. She gets along very well with her students and so classes really aren’t that boring.

Cherish Marisa Phillips (SMK Bandar Kinrara 4)

Read the actual handwritten transcript here.

View Cherish’s Exam Results here.

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