NEW Revolutionary Idea!

Learn Add Maths at home!

Score A1 by learning Add Maths on your own.

Here are a series of videos that I created for SPM students. 


I want to help all of you to learn Add Maths in the comfort of your homes and I want to help you guys to be good in Add Maths.

So I’ve spent about 10 hours to create and edit these videos, now you can stream it on your computer like You Tube :)




Firstly – they are completely FREE! YUP – Free is good huh. Free also means good quality here eh.


You can watch the tutorials ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with internet, As Many Time as you wish. Unlimited Access :)


Get your videos here.


1) I will teach you the step-by-step solution on whiteboard to answer SPM Trial or Mid Year Papers.

2) These are SPM papers from different schools that I collected over the years from my students.

3) They are always HARDER than SPM Trial Papers by State and also HARDER than the real SPM papers.

Some of the schools are SMK BU4, SMK Damansara Jaya, SMJK Katholik, SMK Stella Maris, SMK Bandar Kinrara 4, and many more.


Get your videos here!


4) You get a link to download these exam papers right below each videos.

5) I provide answers in the download link

6) If you still can’t understand the answers – then watch these videos.

7) If you still can’t understand the videos – then watch it more times.

8) If you missed something, or you can’t understand something – you can always watch the video again and again until you get it.


Unlike conventional tuition – you can’t ask your tutor to keep repeating something if you don’t understand, or if you can’t keep up right. Unless you’re one of the privileged ones who can afford private tuition.


So here’s your solution :)


Get your videos here!