Like many students, Debra started her Form 4 Science not knowing what’s happening in her Physics Class. She found it to be boring because she couldn’t understand the subject. In fact, she told me that she disliked the subject a lot in the beginning.

Then she came to Epitome. She was so nervous that first lesson because she was sitting for her Physics paper the next day and she didn’t know nuts about it.

How did she get an A1 just after 1 lesson?

”She’s very dedicated to her job as a teacher and she takes it very seriously. She also cares a lot for her students as I sometimes share with her the problems I face at home. When I came to her for tuition 5 months ago, it was one day before my Physics monthly test, and I didn’t know nuts about the subject. When I left the class an hour an a half later, I sat for that paper and I successfully achieved an A1 for that paper. Basically, Ms Ng is a great person and you will NEVER fail to see how fun and humorous her classes can be.”
“ROCK ON Teacher!”

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Debra Chai (SMK Taman Tun Dr Ismail)

Read her actual handwritten transcript here.

Here’s how to get an A1 in a short time.


Most students never bother to find out more when they don’t really understand what they learnt in school. They understood maybe 50% of the lesson, and that’s it.

This is a big NO NO. You must understand fully the subject matter when you first learn it. You don’t have to remember the stuff, but you do have to understand it. This is especially true for subjects that require deep understanding and application like Physics and Add Maths.

“WHY?” You may ask. “My teacher’s real boring.” “I hate Physics.”

If you don’t understand well what you learnt – you’ll end up disliking the subject, and worse, many topics in Physics and Add Maths require a good understanding and mastery of some prior topics. You’ll only get worse if you don’t.

So in order to do well – you have to make sure you understand the lesson the first time you learnt it. If you don’t – then make the effort to ask, get help, look on the internet for some of the physics principles, look at my tutorials, get a good tutor.. ask your friends, ask the nerds to help you.. etc.

If you learnt it well the first time – then you only have to do casual revision when exam comes. Or better, you can just do well by doing exercises and you don’t even have to read the reference book again.


VERY VERY Important!. Never just read the reference books or just read your notes. Study a subtopic, then do the exam-oriented question that’s for that sub-topic.

I taught Debra the important points that I think will most likely come out in her paper, then I taught her the type of questions that are frequently asked for those points. I always discuss exam-style questions in my lessons.

If you don’t have time to do all the questions – then look at the examples. Go through the answers and make sure you understand them. But the best is to do the questions – especially Paper 2 questions.

Here’s to your Success.